Monday, 3 November 2008

Nigel Mansell

Now I am well chuffed about Hamilton winning the F1 championship. We've been too long without a British winner, but Mansell will always be the spirit of motor racing (even if Shumie was technically better). This is why:

1) 4th highest number of grand prix wins. Only had the best car in one season.
2) He stayed competitive with Senna and Prost even when they were in much better cars.
3) The only man to hold the F1 and CART championships at the same time. And he absolutely WALKED the CART championship.
4) He didn't get on with Ron Dennis.
5) He was the last person tobe PERSONALLY selected to drive a Ferrari by Enzo Ferrari.
6) He didn't get on with Frank Williams.
7) He drove the "red 5"
8) He would've won 3 titles but for technical faults at the last moment.
9) He had about a bazillion injuries and came back ever time. Seriously, the guy wrecked his body even more than his cars.
10) He was know as "the Lion" by the Ferrari fans.
11) He tried to push his broken down car around the final lap of the 1984 USA grand prix to get the remaining one championship point available to him.
12) The last I checked he was still the fastest "star in a reasonably priced car".

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