Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Vampires of Venice

Now here we have a really cool alliterative title, which is a CON. They aren't Vampires and they aren't of Venice! They are of an alien world and/or Croatia depending on your perspective!

Now here's a thing. Back in the RTD era, the Vampire's probably would have been just that. RTD had an actual werewolf and actual Witches for example. So I am rather vexed, I've been waiting for the new series to do proper Vampires. The show has a good little history with Vampires: State of Decay, Goth Opera, Blood Harvest, even Zagreus. Good proper Vampires are becoming a rare thing in this post-Twilight, twee bullshit, era.

That point aside, this is the very definition of a bog-standard Who run-around. In some ways its arguably the first time the show has attempted to do something so pedestrian since the relaunch in 2005.

What raises the episode above Victory of the Daleks is the character stuff between The Doctor, Amy and Rory. Everything about that felt natural and Amy now feels like a much more fully rounded character to me than she did previously.

Nothing spectacular, but watchable enough and still better than Victory of the Daleks, which remains the season lowlight so far.

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