Friday, 24 December 2010

Doctor Who: The Lodger

I'm cheating on this one folks. What with one thing and another I got somewhat derailed from finishing up my season 5 posts, so I had to watch this one again to refresh my memory. That being said my opinion has not really changed in any great respect.

A curious thing about this episode is that you would almost expect it to have been the episode written by Simon Nye. The storyline of the Doctor moving into a flat and striking up an Odd Couple style friendship with his flat-mate is not a million miles from Men Behaving Badly territory. Instead this is a Gareth Roberts episode, dramatising his own tenth Doctor comic strip of the same basic story. The episode is placed in the now traditional "Doctor-Lite" slot, but is actually Amy-lite and Doctor heavy. This is no bad thing as once again Matt Smith rules all as the Doctor. James Corden as Craig essentially takes Amy's place in the episode. I find Corden to be irritating in real life, but he works well here as an upmarket Smithy.

The episode is a strange hybrid of old and new who. This is really classic Yeti/Tooting Beck territory but this aspect is kept mostly in the background to allow the Doctor to spend an episode being a weird and funny matchmaker. I do wonder who was trying to build themselves a TARDIS and whether that will have any relevance to "The Silence" to come.

There's little more I can find to say about this one. What it amounts to is a reasonably successful attempt at doing a sit-com. Great fun, but ultimately inconsequential.

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