Wednesday, 29 October 2008

And on that Bombshell!

Well there was me just checking Outpost Gallifrey before turning in to find David Tennant will be leaving at the end of next year.

My initial thoughts are that I will do my usual thing. Not be too sure about the replacement for an episode before then deciding their the best actor to ever play the Doctor. I have no loyalty that way! I genuinely thought that Christopher Eccelston couldn't be bettered until about half way through New Earth when I decided David was the best Doctor ever!

My second thought is that Marc Warren has to be the best choice for 11 out of all of the previous rumours. I hope they can keep the details of the new person quiet for a while longer (ie at least until next year) as they could end up being old news before a minute of their first episode is broadcast.

Anyway, Time will tell (it always does).



I knew David was leaving - what about Gary Dobbs for the next doc? LOL

Ben Willans said...

Well Marc Warren is my main man. But i'd settle for you as the next Master. Just so long as Nesbitt doesn't get the role. If he does he will have to be outstanding to win me over.