Friday, 31 October 2008


Now I am not talking about the guy to the left. Although, he did present T4 and is clearly so ugly as to give the impression of being the long lost missing link.

I am actually talking about the people in the hot hatch on my way home from Tesco's tonight.

You see apparently I had the temerity to have been on the roundabout and in a lane they wanted to be in. This heinous behaviour was clearly deserving of the bibbing and cutting up I received. It was after this that I spotted the thoroughly amusing "t4ugs" personalised number plate on their particularly gay coloured motor (it was a weird turquoise blue and even gayer than Luke's Harry Potter reject scarf). Unfortunately for these sub-evolutionaries, they had the misfortune of then finding themselves behind two other cars and a lorry that moved at the rate of continental drift.

I'm not sure what was then funniest. Sitting a meter behind them whilst they desperately reved their engine in the delusional belief that this could somehow get them past 2 cars, 1 lorry and a set of traffic lights; or coming off at the Sainsbury's roundabout watching them still stuck behind the lorry on their way to the treacle mine roundabout.



Wave your arm out of the window and shout things about their mother. I do. Hey Ben let's have some posts on each doctor who - sum up the different actors in each post. I know you're passionate about that. Also X-Files, Buffy etc. You'll get loads of hits.


In fact Ben if you fancy that idea and want a guest blogger I'd love to do an entry on Troughton.

Ben Willans said...


You're welcome to guest post.

I'll be doing posts along the line you suggested, but as and when the mood takes me.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! and Luke hates Harry Potter - does he just wear that to impress Luana??

Ben Willans said...

Oh I do so hate it when you get these antipodean folks posting "anonymously". Come on in a join the party!

Such as it is.

Anonymous said...

I couldnt get past the tricky login screen to get a screenname, so stuff it I will stay anon!!