Thursday, 26 March 2009

Youtube fan vids and other thoughts

Hello folks.

Coming up in the next few weeks will be the following:

Remainder of DS9
A look at The Master, RTDs era of Who and the Doctor Who comics.
Buffy Season 8

I've recently become addicted to viewing Youtube fan videos. Montages of shows set to music. This is a relatively new area of fan creativity but I think in time these montages will come to take the place traditionally occupied by fan fiction.

Anyway at the end of this post I've included a few links to some of my personal favourites.

On the random thoughts front; I saw ITV's Clough documentary last night. Good stuff, I particularly liked the coverage given to his years at Forest. I think as time goes on Clough's achievements only increase in their magnitude and there has to be a case for him being the greatest manager the English game has seen.

Formula 1 is due to begin again this weekend. Happily the Beeb have decided to use Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain" as the theme music, why ITV didn't I will never know. This season looks to be an important one as the field appears to be very open and it will be interesting to see how the teams hold up in terms of budgets this season (and the knock on effects for next). My main hope is that the season is a competative one, otherwise some of the more insane rule changes proposed may come into being. I find it difficult to undersand what Eccelstone/Mosley are trying to do, F1 has a limited audience and the proposed changes are unlikely to pull in that many more viewers, whilst alienating those of us who have followed the sport for years.


First up, as you would expect, Doctor Who ones.

This one is a Donna Noble tribute set to Coldpay's "The Scientist" and it has clearly been done with a great deal of attention:

Next up a perfect comination of the Beatles and Season 1 of the relaunch with shipper overtones for the 9th Doctor and Rose:

A Couple of Buffyverse ones: AND

And finally, some X-Files ones. First a Ship-y Mulder and Scully one:

And we end on a high, this one is just so much fun:

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I.J. Parnham said...

I can't see fan montages overtaking fan fiction. To me fanfic seems all about getting the characters to do things that, shall we say, they don't and can't do on screen!

It's a whole fun area of creativity though that I'm sure someone will stamp down on soon and make illegal.

Not strictly fan stuff but my favourite is the one of Shatner singing Pulp's Common People while very literal images pop up.