Saturday, 11 April 2009

Planet of the Dead

Well that was a huge step up from the mediocrity of The Next Doctor. A really fun romp and not afflicted with the over-ambitiousness of some recent "event" episodes.

What I Liked:

Good solid storyline, reminiscent of a lot of DWM strips without actually nicking anything as such. It wasn't to busy, nor did it struggle to fill out its running time.

The fly-guys got killed at the end. Good.

The "baddies" simply following their natural life cycle. Actually a really good SF type problem.

10 Malcolms = a Bernard Quatermass!

The Doctor being a UNIT celeb/legend type never gets old. The New UNIT theme was pretty good.

A flying bus. Beat that Harry Potter!

Knowing right from the start the cop was gonna get screwed in the end, because thats what happened in Hustle twice this year!

The whole running gag with the alien power source getting the bus to work.

The Doctor whacking the grail thingy with the mallet.

Lee Evans not getting on my tits.

The Doctor refusing to take Lady whatshername on board the TARDIS. The way the scene was shot in particular was cool, being reminscent of the publicity shots for the Paul McGann TV movie and with David somehow giving the impression of the Doctors centuries weighing heavily on him (which in turn conjured up images of Hartnell in mine).

The Doctor using the Sonic screwdriver to release Lady whatsshername and indeed to give himself sunglasses.

The foreshadowing (see below).

What I wasn't so keen on:

Lady whatshername. Decent enough character, but I've never been sold on Michelle Ryan as an actress and I wasn't sold on her here either. Also something of a cobling together of Romana and Cat (the 7th Doctor Companion who was planned to replace Ace in the season 27 that never was).

The new face of Unit. Didn't buy her in Turn Left, don't buy her here either. They really need to decide what they are going to do with UNIT because they keep swining from Brigs Army to regular army/intelligence and its not working with the leads they are using. I know nick courtneys too old now, so maybe go with Bambera if you want to retain an element of the Brig's army days.

The Doctor doing another mundane = brilliant speech. Fucking Hell big upping chops for tea is not what I watch Doctor Who for!


The Doctor wanting to keep his teeth in good condition. One of the lightest and silliest bits of foreshadowing on anything ever!

The trailer was mondo cool. But I will be severely pissed if the episode does not feature the Ice Warriors (unless it is exceptionally good despite their absence).

Four knocks = HERE COME THE DRUMS! Da-Da-Da-DAH!


Red Dwarf was just so far up its own arse as to be a self parody. I can only hope its a case of being a weak middle episode as last nights epsiode had real promise. But given the stupid meta-textual storyline and the prospect of tomorrows episode being Corrie-based; I fear it will all end in another tedious cliffhanger that will not be resolved for years. I can remember a time (specifically back in season 6) when Red Dwarf ruled BBC2 and had some serious credibility. All pissed away of Doug Naylors fantasy of a movie version.

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I.J. Parnham said...

In summary Loved Dwarf, hated Who!

It's hard to talk too much Dwarf as there's a bit to go, but it was great seeing the lads again, a few good jokes, I didn't mind the metafiction (provided it gets resolved well tonight) and Blade Runner. Fine with me!

Who: I've consistently enjoyed all the seasons and hated all the specials. This didn't change that and I can't see me hurrying to watch it again. The story was fine but I couldn't enjoy anything because that bint was so appalling. I had no idea who she was but rarely have I seen anyone with less acting ability. She never once gave a believable reaction to anything, just bored looks whenever anything happened. Even the revelation that the Doctor was a timelord and she was going to die in five seconds made her just look bored. The only time I got excited during the whole thing was at the end where it looked as if she's go on the Tardis. The cry went up from our house of, go with him and we stop watching here.

Anyhow, Lee Evans, who I hate with a passion, was fine, which was bizarre, and I agree with you on Unit. But, ugh, I just couldn't get involved when that woman was sucking the life out of every scene she was in.